Santhosh Kumar

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Multi-skilled technical architect with extensive experience in designing, developing and deploying commercial software architecture. Possessing proven ability to contribute individually and lead project teams to successfully deliver high performance and secure solutions of the highest quality. Passionate about investigating and implementing new ideas, concepts, technologies. 14 years of software development experience on full stack. Machine learning practitioner, with focus on Computer Vision, and NLP and Drones enthusiast.

Currently working at Nvidia in building a Futuristic Gaming platform. Leveraging Nvidia's AI experience and gaming history, to build the Netflix of gaming.


Full Stack Architect

  • Architect and Deliver high performance user facing BIG Data applications for desktop and mobile platforms supporting one billion users.
  • Drive architecture designs and decisions that span across backend interfaces as well as frontend design.
  • Develop and optimize applications that are rendered consistently in cross-platform environments.
  • Core owner for designing the security, performance, scalability aspects of multimedia and gaming applications.
  • Prototype and develop new ideas and participate in all parts of the lifecycle from research to release.
  • Advise senior management on technical strategy in building gaming products.
  • Champion and utilize leading-edge relevant technologies to raise the level of media and gaming expertise of the team, as a leader, mentor, and innovator.
  • Mentor other engineers and review code and designs in a senior role.
  • Work closely with senior architects across backend, video, audio, web services to design highly scalable and secure applications.
  • Work closely with Interaction and Visual Designers to turn wireframes into end products.
  • Working with stakeholders to understand software requirements and ensure application UI meets functional requirements and user experience.
  • Build RESTful APIS.
  • Serve as the technical subject matter expert for all UI development spanning across multiple applications and product lines.
  • Follow industry trends with regard to web front end technologies and JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery, AngularJS, ReactJS, NodeJS, and GruntJS.
  • Provide technical leadership to fellow engineers, designers, and other stakeholders to develop and maintain UI applications.
  • Design end -to -end unit integration automated test suites for all components.
Feb 2016 - Present

Lead Architect

  • Responsible for enhancing MPage architecture and building component to meet client needs on MPage framework. Evangelist for Mpage coding and practice.
  • Technical and people management role which involves leading the engineering team hands-on thru day-to-day direction setting and through active engagement.
  • Experience in hiring, mentoring and building top-class team. Proven ability to build technical and thought leadership within the team. Responsible for planning and/or execution and/or delivery of key ingredients owned by the team.
  • Experience with applying agile methodology, and on-time, quality project execution.
  • Requirements Analysis: rapid elicitation of system requirements using non-functional prototypes.
  • Systems Design: creation of System Design Document and Mockups, Illustrations using UML 2.0 diagrams, Star UML and various Visio network diagrams.
  • Software Engineering: designed and developed various Java Services, modified web editor (CK Editor) to meet physician solution requirements.
  • Testing: unit, integration, and system testing of business logic, data access, java services.
  • Mentoring: providing mentoring for various development team members (designers and developers) and driving code reviews.
  • Manage multiple projects and medium sized teams
Oct 2004 - Feb 2016


I'm interested in working on new products and implementation that disrupt the current set limitations, pratice and acceptance. I go above and beyond to find those opportunities in my line of work. I believe data is king. I believe AI is the new electricity. Value is generated when we can extract the knowledge from the data by leveraging technology.


I've found I am most effective being involved early in the product-development process, especially in the prototyping phase. The diagram shows the progression of an idea to Minimum Viable Product as I see it. Often times the first question to follow an interesting idea is "Could this work?", and my favorite thing to do is figuring out if it could. After figuring out that it does indeed work, the hard but neccessary part for me is developing the functional prototype into some sort of minimum viable state that can be consumed. There is lot of tinkering, lot of learning to get to this state. There is of course still a lot that needs to happen before a product can ship, but now comes the state where everthing needs to be documented and proper watch to ensrue that everyone understands the architecutre and work is mesaured with quality in focus.

The Work, The Fun continues in an endless loop. The Work dosen't exist without the Fun and the Fun dosen't exist without the Work.

My biggest USP is my ability to balance between the FUN and the WORK part. I take pride in my work. I consider myself an evanglist and self motivated to drive an idea from vision to product. My years of experience in working with diverse people, and methodologies, and process gives me the edge to go out of the box when needed while still adhering the process and meeting the deadlines.


International Institute of Information Technology

PG Diploma in Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence

GPA: 3.7


Visvesvaraya Technological University

Bachelor of Engineering in Information Science




Programming Languages & Tools
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Agile Development & Scrum
  • Embrace Machine Learning and AI
  • Align Your Team Around Microservices
  • Containerization - Encourages cloud-native development


Apart from being a developer, I enjoy most of my time in developing new hobbies. My newest addition is robotics, working on bulding full scale humanoid using InMoov opensource stack. I also have built 3d printers using the Prusa Opensource harware and software platfrom. I have built several RC scale models using the 3d printer and love puting them together.

When not coding or tinkering, I enjoy aquascapping and aquarium care. I love stargazing and have 2 telescopes in my arsenel. I have just started getting into astophotography. I am also an aspiring pilot, and I spend a large amount of my free time exploring the latest technology advancements and hands-on projects

Awards & Certifications

  • Annual Innovation Award – Hackers Club initiative
  • Night on the Town – Crash reduction initiative
  • First and Last line of Defence for Cerner
  • Quality Champion – Attained zero rework for the year 2011 (target < %5)
  • Significant Contributor
  • ICAGILE Certified Professional